To Walk Where He Walked

Three years ago my life and the lives of others around me changed massively. What was the change? It was me making a decision to leave the position in my job that I had done for 12 years that I loved with a passion. So why change? Well that's because God called me out of it. Let me explain, for 12 years I had produced and presented the breakfast show on UCB UK. For me to do this job meant that as a family we needed to leave the city we had lived in for many many years and set up a new home in a strange place with two young children who were not happy at all. That was change number 1. This job was not just a job but fulfilment of a passion and a desire I had had for many years. It was the most incredible honour to host this show and I never thought I would leave it.

So three years ago God changed all that. I knew a change was on the way but I was not sure what that would look like. In early 2011 God began to speak to me about getting out of the boat, about changing my outlook he was asking me to leave my comfort zone and trust him more. I never took what I did for granted but I was comfortable in it. I knew the job, I knew the role. I could do it without thinking and it was easy. I'm not being disrespectful in any way but it was easy. So after 12 years God spoke to me from Matthew 14 which is the story of Jesus walking on the water and calling Peter to get out of the boat. God was calling me to get out of my boat, leave my comfort zone and trust him more. I made the decision and got out of the boat. 

I was given the opportunity to go on the UCB Bible Lands tour and we spent 2 nights at The Sea of Galilee. This was such a wonderful experience for me. Not only did I get to see the landscape that Jesus and the 12 would have seen but I got to paddle in and took a boat trip for communion and worship on The Sea of Galilee. It was such an amazing time, so special. I never thought I would have the chance to visit this wonderful place and the fact that following the word of God caused a major change in my life and caused me to trust God more with what he wanted me to do next made everything seem certain in some way. For me this was a gift from God, just a little something just for me.

There were almost 70 people on the tour with me but in that moment it was just me and God. Now I know the water I paddled in was not the same water that Jesus and Peter walked on. I know there where no fancy hotels, coaches or cars. But I do know this, the lake has not changed, the mountains have not changed and the fact that Jesus and Peter walked on the water has not changed. I believe sometimes God gives us something special, something just to confirm that you are in the right track and for me day 3 of the UCB Bible Lands tour was just that. A visit to The Sea of Galilee.  What is it that would confirm Gods calling on you?

Maybe you could join us on a UCB Bible Tour. You'll find out more detalis on the website.

God Bless