Berni Dymet

Meet the new me (2)

We live in a world that on the one hand promotes a “me, me, me” philosophy, and yet on the other cruelly sells people short. Little wonder that so many people have lost their sense of identity. Little wonder so many people don’t know where their life is headed. And little wonder that so many people are struggling to identify the cause of their problems, let alone figuring out how to deal with the symptoms.So it’s time to go back to square one and rediscover who we truly are, what our problem is and how to deal with it. Because God has “new me” planned for each one of us.So why don’t you join Berni this week, as he takes a look at our identity – from a different perspective

1. So what's the plan?

2. A new creation

3. So is it possible

4. The spirit of truth

5. The power of God


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