Weekday Programme Details

David Palmer

Ease into early mornings with David from 5am - 7am

Featuring teaching from Rick Warren with Purpose Driven Life at 5am


Email: David@ucbradio.ie 

Breakfast with Robbie

 UCB Ireland Breakfast.

Join Robbie from 7am-9am each weekday morning for news, comments, fun and a positive message. Start your day with a smile.

Features on the programme include:Word for Today at 7.20am, and Story behind the song at 8.30am

Email: robbie@ucbradio.ie 

Teaching Hour

An hour of teaching 9am and repeated at 9pm each weekday evening.

This hour includes:

Turning Point with David Jeremiah 9am/pm

Just thinking with Ravi Zacharias at 9.30am/pm

Recharge with Pastor John Ahern (All Nations Dublin) 9.45am/pm

Praise & Worship Hour with Ger

Ger brings us the best in praise and worship music each day at 10am and again at 7pm. Take some time in your day to focus on God as Ger encourages you to give thanks for each day.

Music on the programme comes from bands such as Hillsong, Bethel Music and Casting Crowns

Email: Ger@ucbradio.ie

Empowering Health with Linda De Courcey

On Tuesdays - Thursdays at 11am - 12 noon Linda takes a look at health issues alongside the Scripture


Email: linda@ucbradio.ie

Lunchtime Special with Ger O'Reilly

Ger hosts a lunchtime programme with fun, music and stories.

This programme also includes teaching from David Legge with God Encounter at 12.50pm and The Word for Today read at 1.20pm

Email: ger@ucbradio.ie 


Afternoons with Jackie

Join Jackie in the afternoons from 2pm-4pm. The show is relaxed and family friendly. We talk about life’s issues; issues facing women, family and young people. The show includes bible quizzes, inspirational thoughts and great Christian music.

Jackie has a daily interview at 2.30pm and Story behind the Song at 3.30pm.

Email: jackie@ucbradio.ie

Vincent Hughes

Join Vincent from 5pm - 7pm each weekday for news, interviews, great music and chat.

Features include Church in Chains, Book Reviews at 4.30pm, Album of the Week (4.50pm), the interview of the day at 6.30pm and The Word for Today at 5.20pm

Teaching from Berni Dymet is at 5.30pm with A Different Perspective

Email: Vincent@ucbradio.ie



Other teaching programmes feature during the evening

8pm - A Music Hour

9pm - Teaching hour repeated

10pm A different perspective with Berni Dymet (repeated at 1.00am)

10.40pm Jean Watson (repeated at 1.40am)

12 midnight - Today with Derek Prince

2.30am - Just thinking with Ravi Zacharias

4am - Rediscover Life with Pastor John Ahern