Thursday 14th March

Thursday 14 March

‘I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.’ Galatians 2:20 NIV (2011 Edition)

Surrender to God (1)

John Calvin defined surrender in these words: ‘To have no other will, no other wisdom, and to follow the Lord wherever He leads.’ To do this, you will have to face your greatest fear: who will drive your life? It’s pretty handy to have Jesus in the passenger seat when we require His service. ‘Lord, I have a health problem, and I need Your help. Something hard is going on at work, and I’d like it to be different. I’m feeling anxious, and I want You to give me peace of mind. I’m feeling sad, and I’d like a little hope. I’m facing death, and I want to make sure I’m going to heaven.’ But when it comes to sliding out from behind the wheel and letting Jesus drive, we’re not so sure about that because it means we are no longer in control. For example, if He’s driving, you are not in charge of your wallet anymore. You can’t say, ‘I’ll give sometimes when I feel generous, but I reserve the right to keep what I want.’ Now it’s Jesus’ money. When you let Jesus drive you’re no longer in charge of your ego. You no longer have the right to satisfy every self-centred ambition. Now it’s His life. You are not in charge of your mouth anymore. You don’t get to gossip, flatter, cajole, condemn, lie, curse, rage, cheat, intimidate, manipulate, exaggerate, and prevaricate any more. Now it’s not your mouth – it’s His mouth. So here’s the question: have you invited Jesus along for the ride, or is He driving? The word for you today is: surrender to God.

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