Wednesday 9th January

Wednesday 9 January

‘God…calls things that are not as though they were.’ Romans 4:17 NIV (1984 Edition)

Dream killers (3)

When you dare to dream, God who ‘calls things that are not as though they were’ is at work within you. But there’s a third dream killer you must overcome: settling for average. A God-given dream will stretch you; you can’t reach for it and remain safely mediocre at the same time. The two are incompatible. When you settle for average, it’s tempting to blame it on others, or on your personal circumstances, or on the system. But the truth is mediocrity is always a personal choice. When you don’t have a compelling dream you are in danger of having your life merely slip away. Author Kenneth Hildebrand puts it this way: ‘The poorest of all men isn’t the one without a penny to his name. He’s the fellow without a dream…[he is like] a great ship made for the mighty ocean but trying to navigate in a millpond. He has no far port to reach, no lifting horizon, no precious cargo to carry. His hours are absorbed in routine and petty tyrannies. Small wonder he gets dissatisfied, quarrelsome, and “fed up”. One of life’s greatest tragedies is a person with a ten-by-twelve capacity and a two-by-four soul.’ If you feel that your life is closer to average than you want, you need to do more dreaming. Nothing will help you break out of your rut like a God-inspired dream. And if you don’t already have one, ask God to give you one. He may give it to you in an instant, or over a period of time, but He will do it.

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