History of UCB Ireland

UCB Ireland began in 1998 as a branch office of UCB UK promoting UCB UK's radio broadcasts on satellite and distributing large quantities of a daily devotional called The Word for Today to individuals and churches across Ireland.

In 2001, the Irish Government passed a Broadcasting Act which included an amendment requiring the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) to “consider the religious traditions of the people of Ireland” when awarding licences. In 2006 UCB Ireland was awarded a satellite licence and in October 2008 began broadcasting on SKY satellite.

In 2011, we were awarded a Digital Content Contract which allowed us to broadcast not only on Satellite, but on Cable and DAB and we began broadcasting on Virgin Media Cable shortly after that. In 2012, we began broadcasting on a DAB/DAB+ trial in Dublin and this trial was extended to Cork in 2014.

The original purpose of UCB Ireland was captured in the phrase “A channel for God’s Peace” – bringing hope and peace into lives of the listeners.

UCB Ireland is a donor supported ministry, with both radio listeners and readers of Word for Today generously donating regularly. We endeavour to be good stewards of the money that is so generously donated to us, and so in June 2016 it was decided that we should not pursue the DAB trial broadcasts.

In late 2016 we launched our app on iPhone and in early 2017 we launched on Android services. With the development of mobile services across the nation we are excited about the ability to “Take us with you wherever you go”. App technology is an exciting way of hearing radio and we are looking for new ways of developing our reach with this technology.

2017 has a new focus “Serving the Church, Reaching the Nation”. We are excited to see how we can help churches across Ireland to strengthen and spread the good news of the gospel.