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THANK YOU to all of you that have already joined this campaign.

In Judges chapter 7 it talks of Gideon’s valiant army. God didn’t need a huge army and he showed Gideon this by defeating the Midianites with just 300 men. We can often feel that we are in a battle. For UCB Ireland we believe the battle to reach this nation with the power of God’s Word is worth fighting. Each quarter we deliver 25,000 copies of The Word for Today across Ire- land. For those who support us financially each quarter we want to say a big THANK YOU!

There are many, who receive one or more copies of The Word for Today, who have not yet had the chance to give towards this work. It is for you I want to set a challenge.

Be one of 300!

If you receive copies of The Word for Today and you have not had the opportunity to support the work here before then we ask you to stand with us - Be one of the 300!

Each individual copy costs us approximately €1 to print and post each quarter. Our post alone for the year is over €25,000, just to deliver The Word for Today.

If we had a Gideon’s army of new givers who stood with us to give just €20 per quarter we would cover our current Word for Today postage. If you were able to afford to give €10 or €15 per month we would be able to increase the number of copies of The Word for Today we send out each quarter which would help us to Reach the Nation.

Be a new giver - Be One of 300

You can give via this website via Paypal or via Stripe