New Year New Start

New Year, New Start

It has been really hectic here at UCB ireland over the last week as we have said Goodbye to our old Servers and Radio Playout system, after 10 years of faithful service.

Brand New equipment arrived (Sebastian looks excited!) and it has taken 4 days to clear out the old system and transfer everything over to the new system/

James from RCS (UK) started by setting up Studio 2 on the new system, whilst the station carried on playing in Studio 1.

Joe from RCS carried on setting up the system whilst James and Sebastian tidied up the rack room and then most of the presenters crammed into Studio 2 where Joe did a training session on the new system.


Please pray for the team as we familiarise ourselves with the new system.

We believe this is going to set us up for the next 10 years of UCB Ireland and all the exciting opportunities that God has for us to spread the Gospel across Ireland.