Working together

Working Together

One of the vivid memories I have of school is of the sports days – believe it or not I loved running! However, it was the Dad’s tug of war competition that I remember most.

Just picture it, the scene is set with half a dozen Dads, some tall and strong, others not so tall and not so strong taking hold of a thick rope. Looking at each team, it was obvious that one single man couldn’t pull against the might of the other side’s team. It took working together to pull.

Over the past few weeks in UCB Ireland I have been excited about the opportunities that have come our way to partner with other ministries and be team together. Two of those partners are Crown Jesus Ministries and Alpha Ireland. What we are doing with these ministries is picking up the SAME rope and pulling together to bring the message of Jesus to Ireland.

It can never be about building a ministry to be the strongest, it is always about team. It’s the same for each of us in everyday life, when we are part of a team we can do more, affect greater change, invest more and reach further.

Over the coming weeks and months you will hear changes on our radio programming, with new contributors, new shows and on our website and social media platforms more evidence of working together with ministries so we can reach this nation. You will see and hear a louder call for us to be team together.

TOGETHER we can share the gospel of Jesus with the nation of Ireland

Take a look at our Partner Page to see more about those we are partnering with.

God Bless