Who told you?

Who told you?

In today’s society we seem to feel the need to share everything on social media: what we have eaten; pictures of our pets; quotes from our favourite movies and even silly photos of family members. Sitting down and talking to each other, telling a story seems to be more difficult.

Can you remember the first time you heard a great story? Who told you?

Can you remember the first time you heard the gospel, when it made a real impact on your life? Who told you?

For me it was my older brother. He took a massive step. He told me about Jesus. I remember how my brother and his friends would sit down and talk to me about how Jesus radically changed their lives.

Perhaps you are not comfortable about opening up a conversation about your faith, maybe you need something to kick start a conversation with a family member or a neighbour, or work colleague. If you read Word for Today and you have been encouraged by it, maybe this could be the tool you need to help start a conversation.

You could take part in the UCB Ireland ‘Pass it On’ Challenge. The challenge is for you to order an extra copy of The Word for Today to pass on to a friend. Go to our Word for Today sign up page and order an extra copy and we will send one to you.

At times like these everyone needs to hear a good story – and perhaps this challenge will help someone you know.

God Bless