Enjoy the Journey

Monday 31st July

It is hard to believe that July is coming to an end. I don’t know about you but I feel sorry for the school children as supermarkets start to advertise ‘Back to School’ resources. It’s a great reminder that things never stand still, always moving on to the next thing.

Here at UCB Ireland plans are already underway for exciting autumn changes with new shows, new presenters and new ways of being involved in the ministry and helping us to reach the nation of Ireland. There is still an opportunity for you to sign up for our ‘Pass it on’ campaign, by ordering an extra copy of Word for Today to pass on to a friend. Just go onto the Word for Today sign up page and tick the ‘Pass it on’ box and we will send you your extra copy.

As part of my work I travel to support other UCB affiliates across Europe and so spend a significant amount of time rushing across airports. Often there is a long walk between the arrival gate and the connecting flight with very little time to navigate my way there. Travellators are a great invention, but rarely fast enough on days when time is limited, but when I do have the time it is great to hop on and watch the world move by – I still get to my destination, but I can take my time to look at my surroundings.

Take a tip from me, as life rapidly moves by, hop onto the travellator occasionally – you’ll still get where you want to go but you can enjoy the journey too.

God Bless