Where is it?

Where is it?

I was traveling in Manchester a while ago trying to find somewhere close to Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United football club. Old Trafford is such a land mark, it's famous all over the world and you would think that all roads would lead there, or at least there would be signs to point you to the home of the most famous football club in the world. Well for me, I could see no such signs and I ended up is some very strange places..... Manchester is a wonderful city with wonderful people, the problem was me.

You see I thought I had this journey all sorted. Come on how hard could this be? I had been to the famous stadium before and even if I can't remember exactly how to get there I will see it from way off in the distance. That's not how this went down at all. My map was in my head and I was remembering a journey I had taken over 10 years ago. Things change, landscapes change, cities develop and new buildings spring up which all lead to me getting very lost and ending up in some back street many miles from where I needed to be and if I'm honest a little uneasy about where I ended up.

The problem was that I had not looked at a map. I did not have a proper sat nav and my mobile phone battery was too low. Here's the crazy thing, I knew the famous stadium was somewhere close by because I had seen it before, I had been there before, I saw it on TV only 2 days earlier but I still could no find it, why? I was looking in the wrong place. I was working on my memory of what I remembered from 10 years ago and I was now lost.

How many times do we live on past directions? Old information we have stored or dare I say it, past blessings or even an old word from God? Living that way can cause us all kinds of issues. Now I know God never changes but he is always on the move and he can always be found. He is always recognisable and never hidden. The longer we leave it to walk with God or spend time with him the easier it is for US to get lost. For our directions and our route to him to change, become built up with barriers and things we put in the way. What I should have done on my recent journey was have a proper map or have a proper sat nav or how about this, stop and ask someone. I honestly wonder how many people in Manchester could not have told me where Man Utd football club was. Like wise if we find ourselves lost or unsure of where we are in God today go back to the proper map, go to Gods word, go to the Bible. Or how about stopping and asking for help? Asking people who know where He is because they're there with Him. God is still there, He is still wanting us to come to Him. He still wants us to experience all He has for us.

I eventually found where I was going and the relief I felt when I saw the stands and the flood lights was fantastic. The football ground was not hiding or trying not to be found. In fact when I did get to my appointment I could not have been closer to the stadium. I was right in the centre of the world of Manchester United and even without going into the the ground it was exciting wondering who you might bump into. I was thinking about the homes around the ground and the people who were fans right at the centre of the world famous club. They felt part of it, part of the club, part of the exciting United journey.

How much more amazing is it when we live right in the centre of Gods plan for us. Being where He is, being part of His exciting journey. Knowing that we are part of His family right at the heart of all He has. On your journey today, don't rely on your old map read Gods word ask for help and don't get lost.

God Bless