Building for the future

Building for the future

For many years UCB Ireland has served the nation of Ireland. 2017 for us is a year of restructure, refocus and relaunching our vision. If you are a regular reader of Word for Today (our daily devotional) or a regular listener to our radio station, then you will have heard us talk about ‘Serving the Church, Reaching the Nation’. The launch of this new website is another step of this mission statement.

I am excited about the features of this new website. Alongside the regular features of Word for Today, Radio and Prayerline, you get to tell us about your events, what’s happening in your community; put your church on the map; have your say and engage with our social media platforms. We will also have a resources section with useful information we hope you will find helpful.

We hope that you are enjoying the changes we have made since early 2017 and that you enjoy our new website.

The website is more than a place of information. We have designed it to be an easy to navigate place where you can interact with the ministry of UCB Ireland.

God Bless