Carey Nieuwhof

7 Rules for leading a digital team  Carey Nieuwhof

And all of a sudden, you’re leading a digital team.

For most leaders, that’s a massive change…a change no one prepared them for.

In our new era of border closures, social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, pandemics and lockdowns, how do you lead a team you can’t see or talk to in person?

That’s a question thousands of leaders are asking themselves.

I’ve been leading a remote team now for over five years (we’re distributed across North America and all work from home), and I’ve been doing remote work of various kinds for twenty years.

Welcome to the digital future. It just got here a lot sooner than any of us thought, and it’s probably here for longer than any of us thought.


Carey has spome useful advice for leading a remote team. Take a look at his blog and there are some useful digital tool recommendatiobn too.

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