Sunday Programme Details

The Writer's trail

Join David Palmer as he chats to writers from across ireland about their faith and experiences that inspire their writing.


Breakfast with Ger O'Reilly 8am - 10am

Join Ger this Sunday morning, 

A music hour at 9am - 10am



Praise & Worship Hour with Ger O'Reilly 10am

More praise & Worship and time for reflection this Sunday morning with Ger at 10am


Sunday afternoon with Beverley

Join Beverley featuring Recharge with Pastor John Ahern (All Nations Dublin)

A music hour at 12 noon followed by The Word for Today at 1.20pm and a repeat of Woman to Woman at 2pm



Worship with Andy Chrisman 3pm - 5pm

Two hours of Worship with Andy Chrisman 

Join Jackie as she hosts Sunday 6pm - 10pm at 5.15pm

Music Hour at 6pm

Praise & worship Hour repeated at 7pm

Live Worship Hour at 8pm

Sunday evening with Jeanne Whelan 10pm - 12am

Join Jeanne at 10pm following The Word for Today